Winter Park Presbyterian Preschool is a half-day Christian preschool serving families in Wilmington, North Carolina and surrounding areas.  We offer classes for children ages Toddler through Pre-K.

Contact us about our preschool!

4501 Wrightsville Avenue            910-791-5893

Wilmington, NC 28403                preschool@winterparkpres.org

 Registration for our 2015-2016 School Year begins on Monday, January 26, 2015.  Registration forms are available on our “Registration Information” page.

For more information or to schedule your preschool tour please call us at 910-791-5893 or e-mail us at preschool@winterparkpres.org.

For more fun pictures of our preschool see our Facebook page!


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Preschool Art and Decorations



3's and Pre-K Class' January Bulletin Board

3’s and Pre-K Class’ January Bulletin Board


Snowmen by the 2's Class

Snowmen by the 2’s Class

2's Class' January Door

2’s Class’ January Door

Toddler Class' January Door

Toddler Class’ January Door

Toddler Class' Bulletin Board

Toddler Class’ Bulletin Board




Toddler and Two's Class' Wintry Bulletin Board         

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